In this article the writer has discussed the war of independence1857 in Punjabi folk literature .In the beginning of the article the writer has told that East India company occupied punjab in 1849 .There were two purposes before company. To restore law and order and to generate revenew easily. This gave birth to rebellion because the local people had hatred against the policies of British.Roy Ahmad Khan Kharral was famous for his bravery in Gogaira at that time.He considered British as usurp.In 1857 the Joiya tribe refused to give land tax .On this the British arrested many persons of Joiya tribe. Roy Ahmad Khan Kharral got prisoners released after mounting pressure on Deputy Commissioner. The freedom fighters like Murad Fityana and Sarang also stood by Roy Ahmad Khan Kharral in the war of independence

Dr. Iftikhar Ahmed Sulehri, Asad Mehmood Khan. (2021) 1857 War of Independence in Punjabi Folk Literature, Makhz (Research Journal) , Volume 2, Issue 1.
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