Objective: Domains of professionalism are well-described in the literature. Examining the elements of Professionalism in the local context have received less attention from education experts. The aim of the study was to explore the construct of professionalism as perceived by the faculty that fitted the Pakistani context identified in the ABIM framework of professionalism.Methods: This qualitative ethnographic research was conducted involving nine participants from Islamic International Medical College in Riphah University Islamabad. A four hours Focus Group Discussion was undertaken to explore the views of the faculty. The focus group session was audiotaped, transcribed and technique of triangulation was employed. Shortened meaningful unit (SMU) were identified from the transcribed data and analyzed to make codes for themes for the behaviors. Forty-six meaningful units were categorized and codes were identified. The themes were identified under the domains of the ABIM frameworks for the Pakistani context.Results: The participants listed 2-8 elements for each domain of the framework describing the professional conduct which lead to 140 shortened meaningful units. These were organized into 46 higher order codes.Conclusions: The study concludes that that ABIM framework can be used to build consensus regarding the domains of professionalism. No difference was found cross contextually regarding the domains of ABIM framework of professionalism

Humaira Fayyaz Khan, Raheela Yasmeen. (2020) Exploration of constructs of professionalism identified in the ABIM framework as perceivedby the faculty fitting the Pakistani context, Pakistan Journal of Medical Sciences, Volume -36, Issue 3.
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