The purpose of this study is to explore various push and pull factors of internal migration in Balochistan, to get an insight to the social life of migrants and investigate the psychological issues along with their health status. The present study was Exploratory in nature. The Universe was selected as District Hubchowki, District Gwadar and District Turbat, Balochistan. The Population comprised on the heads of families (Male Member). The data was collected by Snowball Sampling Techniques. Research Instruments like Questionnaire and Observation used for data collection. The data analysis and Hypotheses Testing was conducted through statistical methods. The recommendations of the study were comprised of the increasing rate of rural to urban migration over the time in Pakistan reflect the urban bias government polices along with lack of planning and implementation of rural development programs and schemes in the country. It will provide meaningful future urban planning in the country as migration has vast socio-economic impact upon habitants of the country. All these factors have significant relationship with the internal migration.

Nisar Ahmed, Sumera Ishrat. (2020) Push And Pull Factors Of Internal Migration In Balochistan Province: A Case Study, Pakistan Journal of Applied Social Sciences, Volume 11, Issue 1.
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