Plea bargain is a widely practiced and common characteristic in various international legal systems. However, in Pakistan it is rebuked for providing a legitimate outlet to white-collar offenders so they are not only able to clear their names from National Accountability Bureau’s (NAB) investigation, but are also absolved from heavy financial penalization by submitting a meagre amount from their fraudulently acquired wealth. This article aims to study the theory of plea bargain and its origin, based on the theoretical research method of study. A critical analysis of the societal and constitutional implications of article 25 of National Accountability Bureau Ordinance (NAO), 1999 Pakistan, is also done. Coherent arguments are given in favour of retaining the provision of plea bargain while proposing specific guidelines to enhance the transparency of this process.

Sonia Ambreen Syed. (2020) Plea Bargain In White-Collar Crimes: An Argumentative Analysis, Pakistan Journal of Applied Social Sciences, Volume 11, Issue 1.
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