Women constitute about half of the population of Pakistan. The social status of women in Pakistan largely depends upon geographical location and the class from where she belongs to. Situation of Urban women is much better than rural women. According to the Constitution of Pakistan 1973, though women have equal rights like men in the state, but throughout the history she is facing discrimination and even has been killed by her own male family members in the name of so-called "Honour". But the irony is, it is hard to find "Honour" in honour killings. Though the government of Pakistan is serious to solve this problem but ill practices and so-called social customs are big hurdles in the way. The main objective of this research is to highlight such social and cultural evils, those are basic causes of gender inequality and discrimination in Pakistan. It is collective responsibility of our society and state not only to find better solutions of the problem of honour killing but it is also need of time to educate and empower women in Pakistan. So that she may become constructive element of the society.

Muhammad Ali, Nuzhat Akram. (2018) Honour Killing: Justified or Crime in the Context of Pakistan, Pakistan Journal of Applied Social Sciences, Volume 8, Issue 1.
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