The Western media has conducted extensive research on the objectification of women and has now become an established research field for feminist scholars. However, in Pakistan, the representation of women in television advertising and their objectification has received little attention. This research paper tries to describe the point of view of the spectators in contrast to the women objectification in TVCs. Survey research technique has been applied for the examining the views of 200 respondents of the survey and were classified based on gender. Usually, the advertisers use women as the marketing object to attract the attention of the consumers .The study reveals that women are portrayed as sex object for sexual satisfaction due to male chauvinist society. This study concludes that portrayal of women in advertisements is objectified sexually and uses women as commodity to capture the consumers. Overall evidence of female portrayal as a sex object is found in television commercials in Pakistani media and these commercials do not reflect culture and traditions of Pakistan.

Huma Afaque, Nasreen Aslam Shah. (2018) A Study Of Spectators Perception About The Women Objectification In Commercials Of Pakistani Electronic Media, Pakistan Journal of Applied Social Sciences, Volume 8, Issue 1.
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