To some political scientists World History is taking a gentle curve from West to East. With successive failures in US led War on Terror axis of world power seems shifting from Atlantic to Pacific. Muslim world has begun to align herself with China because yesterday’s moral equivalents of American forefathers like Abraham Lincoln in American political narrative have turned into America’s arch enemies. With the Huntington’s thesis of ‘Clash of civilization’ more fault lines are being located between Christian West and Islamic Asia. This paper intends to analyze what options lie in store for the Muslim world in emerging world political system. Either Muslim World have to remain in perpetual process of serving the history of others or have to forge her own destiny anew. If not, then it suits her to be a partner with Confucius China or stay aligned with Judaic Christian West. This paper is based on qualitative research. A view based on historical realities, economic imperatives and socio-cultural facts would be brought forward to foresee what lies in store for Muslim world.

Ghulam Shabbir, Kalsoom Sumra. (2021) Shifting axis of Power from Atlantic to Pacific and an emerging Islamic-Confucius alliance: Pearls, perils and pitfalls, Pakistan Journal of Applied Social Sciences, Volume 12, Issue 1.
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