The study explores the breadth of research undertaken about corporate governance through summarizing and synthesizing past studies into prominent themes and sub-themes highlighting key contributions of major researches from 1988 to 2017. The study examined 665 abstracts of review papers on Corporate Governance, classified them into 19 major themes, 174 sub-themescontaining 477 research papers. Dominant themes - Firm performance, legislative regulatory requirement and executive governance have bulk research coverage. This study enlightens future researchers about the: possible themes & sub-themes that have research potentials and available studies to facilitate the process. Relatively lower output of research contributions has been observed from the developing countries and governance of organizations including family-controlled business firms. Research on corporate governance of family-owned business groups is a significant feature of the emerging markets of South and East Asian countries. There is a need to recognize and distinguish the problems of family business governance in developing countries. Though, an increasing trend in research studies on the governance of family-controlled business groups but most of the existing literature depict a dearth of rigorous research, indicating research gaps in identifying problems, ownership structures and its related aspects.

Zeba Shariff Khan, Manzoor A. Khalidi, Umair Baig. (2021) Thematic Review Of Corporate Governance: Historical Perspective For Future Researchers, Pakistan Journal of Applied Social Sciences, Volume 12, Issue 1.
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