Ageing is an emerging issue of Pakistani society. This research study investigates the relationship between the old age problems and declining Islamic values regarding the care of elderly parents in Pakistani society. Qualitative methodology has been adopted for this research study. This research study was conducted after the review of secondary sources in form of Islamic books, Hadith and research articles regarding old age. This study finds that the process of modernization in a society leads toward the decline of religious values. Decline of Islamic values are considered responsible in vanishing old age supporting environment. Islamic directives regarding the rights of parents got weakened due to materialistic attitudes and defective education of young generation. In addition, other socio-cultural changes in the form of family nuclearization and brain drain also played important role in old age problems. Old age problems of elderly women are more severe than elderly men.

Hamid Alam, Adnan Khan, Asif Naveed Ranjha. (2021) Gerontological Social Work: The Islamic Perspective and Practice in Pakistani Society, Pakistan Journal of Applied Social Sciences, Volume 12, Issue 1.
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