It is a historical fact that wherever the Muslims went; they were considered as a distinct community from others due to their strong Islamic identity, which is called Two Nation Theory. Muslims, due to this Islamic Ideology, conquered Subcontinent and ruled over there more than one millennium. They successfully ruled the Indian Subcontinent till the Two Nation Theory was alive in their minds. When Mughal Emperor, Akbar tried to demolish this Theory by introducing his new, fake, fabricated and heretical religion, named as “Dīn-e-Akbari" or “Dīn-i-Ilāhī” . The renowned Islamic scholar Sheikh Mujaddid Alif Sānī challenged this so-called innovated religion. After that Shāh WalīUllāh Muḥaddith Dehlavī worked against this innovative and heretical religion. After it, the first organized movement was established by Shāh Abdul‘Azīz, the son of Shāh WalīUllāh in 1820 AD. This Movement played a dynamic role in Muslim's Renaissance in the Subcontinent. It also played a vital role to promote Two Nation Theory and major Muslim movements got inspiration from it .Although, this movement was crushed at Bālākōt in 1831 AD, but it left comprehensive impacts across the Muslim world, especially, in Indian Subcontinent. This movement kindled a flame of freedom in the Muslims of Subcontinent. Historically, this Movement has a practical participation in the Independence movement of Pakistan. As we see its role at the time of Referendum in the North-Western Frontier Province in 1947. It is an irrefutable historical fact that the leadership of Pakistan’s Movement, especially, Allāma Muhammad Iqbāl, was much influenced by Sayyīd Shahīd’s Movement. Therefore, this study presents a missing link between the Pakistan Freedom Movement and the Two Nation Theory. This study reflects historical and analytical approaches and its application frequently . In this study effort are made to explore the historical link between the Two Nation Theory and Tehrīk e Mujahedeen as well as its dynamic role during the period of Freedom Movement of Pakistan in Indian Subcontinent.

*Dr. Riaz Khan al-Azhari . (2019) Role of Tehrīk-e- Mujahedin in promotion of Two Nation Theory: (An analysis of Freedom Movement in the Light of Islamic Teachings) , AL-ILM Journal, Volume 3, Issue 2.
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