It is a historical fact that wherever the Muslims went; they were considered as a distinct community from others due to their strong Islamic identity, which is called Two Nation Theory. Muslims, due t ... Read More

The history of the business and trade is as old as the history of humanity, itself. Different cultures and regions have their own business ethics throughout the times past. With the rise of globalizat ... Read More

“Gender equality” is certainly not another concept, this approach had been advocated in Islam, based on principles of equity and universal justice. Equality of rights are discussed in detail in sharīʿ ... Read More

The aim of Hijrah is not to run away from problem that occurred in the process of giving da'wah, but rather to establish the resolve in solving the problem. Hijrah as a movement carried out by the Pro ... Read More

The text is larger pattern of any language; it consists smaller units of a language. The Aristotle was among the earliest who discussed the unity of text, then letter on Arabian scholars especially ph ... Read More

This is a subjective study explains the role of Quranic speech in the Islamic nation, wassatia the study explains the meaning of wassatia in language and legitimate. The wassatia standing out in rel ... Read More

Accountability is essential for proper working of government and its institutes. If it the head and other members of government are not hold accountable then they can cross their limits and rights of ... Read More

For the development of Muslim society it is necessary that its people should be trained on the basis of Islamic teachings. This could not be possible until we design a curriculum of seerah which is ... Read More

The Holy Quran is seen as the ultimate source of guidance and knowledge in Islam. It defines inheritance as automatic transfer of possession by which estate person transfers to the heirs as succession ... Read More

Islam as a religion is not based on empty or futile theories. Infact it intensely educates in altering a practical approach towards ones exixtence both as an individual and or a social being. It is th ... Read More

Islamic Shariah provides a complete code of life,as man can take guidance from Shariah , regarding each and every aspect of his life .Commerce plays a pivot role in human life which has been mentioned ... Read More

Numerous crimes are being committed in present era. One of the most heinous crime amongst them is child abuse. Incidents of children who have been murdered after sexual abuse are rife in our nominal I ... Read More

This research is intended to explore the nature of relationship between Islam and Science whether they are compatible with each other or not? By studying and comparing the teachings of Islam and scien ... Read More

Holy Quran is the most sacred scripture bestowed by Allah Almighty upon his bellowed prophet Muhammad (PBUH). Unlike other scriptures, Allah Almighty himself took the responsibility of safety and safe ... Read More

The aim of Hijrah is philosophically viewed as a way to spread Islam wisely. This was by Allah’s guidance and directive amidst the very bitter atmosphere in Makkah at that time against the early follo ... Read More

The article titled: the rights of foetus in Islamic law, aims at explaining the rights of foetus without discussing different theories of the scholars in this regards. It also defines the foetus and g ... Read More

It is an undoubted fact that terrorism has nothing to do with Islam. All teachings of the Prophet (blessings and peace be upon him) are contrary to any kind of extremism, radicalization and terrorism. ... Read More

Spending in the cause of Allh is one of the most important ways for the welfare of society and all the divine books agreed about its vital role in the betterment of human lives. But it is obvious from ... Read More

Islam is the name of goodwill, and Islamic state takes into consideration all benefits for their all inhabitants, belonging to this world or hereafter. In this regard an Islamic state has a status of ... Read More

Consumer Behavior means behavior of consumers about buying goods and services in the market. Consumer behavior entails all activities associated with the purchase, use and disposal of goods and servic ... Read More

Islam is a complete religion which provides guidance not only for spiritual life but about material aspect of life also. There is a clear code of business ethics to be followed in trade. Unfortunately ... Read More

Pakistan came into being on 14th August 1947 A.D/27th Ramazan 1366 A.H. According to the constitution of Pakistan its full name is “Islamic Republic of Pakistan”)اپاتسکن وہمجرہی االسیم .)After its exi ... Read More

Born to a Muslim family in Kufa, Abu Hanifah (RH) is known to have travelled to the Hejaz region of Arabia in his youth, where he studied under the most renowned teachers of Makkah and Medina . Due to ... Read More

The life of Holy Prophet (peace be upon him) is described as role model in Holy Quran for all the Muslims and known as Uswa.e.Hasna. So, the importance of the life history of the Holy Prophet (peace b ... Read More

Allah used to send Prophets to deliver his message and to provide guidance to the people in every field of life. Different Prophets brought divine religions with them and make people convince to that ... Read More

In the Holy Quran, Allah has mentioned many such social rules that are very important for the peace & stability of a society and welfare of human beings .This article will not only highlight the word ... Read More


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