“The Holy Qur’ān is the everlasting message of Allah that is revealed to the Prophet Muhammad (Upon whom peace and blessings on him) in Arabia. The verses of the Holy Qur’ān shed light on several scie ... Read More

Women are considered an essential part of any nation’s human capital and labor force. In the case of developing nations like Pakistan, women encompass 49.31% of the Population. Due to divergence in ma ... Read More

In the present era, humankind has recognized the need not only for human rights but also other living things to have basic freedoms and rights. Animals are a crucial part of the earth that plays an im ... Read More

The jurisprudential Caution is one of the most important principles of the Islamic jurisprudence. Therefore, jurists used it mostly in many jurisprudential applications. But in spite this it has also ... Read More

Islam is the pioneer ambassador of global peace and human rights. One of the fundamental commandments given in Islam is Islamic Diplomacy. The basis of which is establishing cordial relations between ... Read More

It is undeniable reality that the Holy Qur’an is a book of guidance for all human beings as it addresses people of different classes, races and colors, their minds, hearts, feelings and conscience. It ... Read More

Due to manner of articulation, Arabs did not use the notation of the vowel, but, gradually, there was destruction in their use of dexterity especially when they started interaction with the non-Arabs. ... Read More

Allama Abdul Majid Badayuni (1884-1931) was a renowned scholar, contriver, and elocutionist. He rendered valuable services for the promotion of religious knowledge and wrote about diverse topics. He w ... Read More

Prophet’s (PBUH) existence is the elevated practical example of human life. Being a prophet, a human being and a leader, every single moment of prophet’s life is highly valuable and quit appreciable. ... Read More

For the survival of any society or state, it is considered necessary to move towards progress and development. From time immemorial, social changes have been considered indispensable for the attainmen ... Read More

No Abstract ... Read More

The notion of non-violence in all religions is very effective to promote peace and protection amongst humanity. All religions condemn violence strongly and insist their followers to promote safety for ... Read More

The Islamic banking is progressing as a trusted institution where interest free financial solutions are provided to its customers. The Islamic banking has a big challenge in front to introduce such ‘H ... Read More

Islam provides solutions to all the problems of every age, and its teachings are perfectly applicable to spatio-temporal issues. The universality and flexibility of Islam goes a long way in solving ev ... Read More

There are emerging latest methods for diagnosing the diseases, in the contemporary modern advance medication .By the help of these tests, the cure of many fatal diseases ,epidemics is possible ,to a l ... Read More

The human personality that Islam wants to build and build is adorned with good morals. It wants to make its followers the scapegoats of high morality. The society in which Islam was born was a morally ... Read More

Hadith plays a primary role, after Quran, in legislation of an Islamic state or empire. There are a number of kinds and classes of Hadith. The pronounced scholars of Hadith set the rules and principle ... Read More

Qurān is the last scripture of Allah Almighty and a massage for whole mankind till the day of hereafter. This massage is sign of peace for all the societies and religions as well as source of salvatio ... Read More

The stories stated in the Holy Quran have become the centre of the writing and thinking of the scholars for centuries. One of the best stories among them is the story of Hazrat Adam (A.S) which is exp ... Read More

Abu Bakr (R.A.) is the successor and caliph of the Holy Prophet s.a.w. The purpose of his life was to complete the work started by the Prophet s.a.w. and to exalt the word of God. His position on the ... Read More

Background: Economic functions can not run without money but money remained an element of debate in all the times. Stability in economy is crucially associated with the nature and value fluctuation in ... Read More

Hadith literature advocates that The Holy Prophet (peace be upon him) carried out census first time in Madinah for the assessment of Muslim power, for sending delegations, for preaching Islam, spreadi ... Read More

Pluralism is a concept, which has been discussed in wider connotations with different perspectives and in different contexts. This paper aims to discuss the possible ideas of religious pluralism in Pa ... Read More

The role of transnational Muslim faith-based NGOs (TMFBNs), which originated in a non-Muslim country in humanitarian activities, is somehow under-researched, explicitly in the case of COVID-19 respons ... Read More

The role of transnational Muslim faith-based NGOs (TMFBNs), which originated in a non-Muslim country in humanitarian activities, is somehow under-researched, explicitly in the case of COVID-19 respons ... Read More

Dua or supplication is an essence and spirit of worship. Therefor the status of dua in Islam is great and its position is sublime. Many texts in the Holy Quran and Hadith of the Holy Prophet SAAW ... Read More

The Technology became important in our life, studying the foreign language is method of total immersion. And if the learning process face to-face, is organized and communicative, can’t replace the vir ... Read More

The Paper constitutes an analytical study of the methodology used by Ghulām Ahmad Pervaiz in his interpretation and explanation of Qur’ānic Terms. The lexique technique built up by Pervaiz to explain ... Read More

Capitalism is one of the emerging economic systems of human history. This system is based on two main ideological foundations; the materialism and the utilitarianism which start a race of capitalist g ... Read More

Mystical letters are among the miracles of Quran. These mystical letters are present at the start of Quranic Surah’s (Chapters). These are among the mutashabihat (Analogies) of Quran. Muslim scholars ... Read More

Credit, debit, and charge cards are provided by the banks to facilitate their customers to enable them to withdraw cash from their accounts or to obtain credit or to pay for goods and services purchas ... Read More

The issues that have not been clearly mentioned in the Qura’n and sunnah are resolved through reasoning (Qayās). So, a scholar has to derive the matters in the light of Qura’n and Sunnah using the rea ... Read More

Al-Taleeqat Ala Bazl-al-Majhood (المجھود بذل علی التعلیقات (is an excellent interpretation of Sunan Abu Daw ud edited by a great Indian scholar Sheikh-ul- Hadith Maulana Zakaria Kandehlawi. It is a su ... Read More

Islam does not allow to force others to accept Islam. Rather, Islam considers minorities as the sacred trust of Allah (SWT) the Almighty. The concept of minority in the West and Europe is linked to co ... Read More

Dr. Wahbah Mustafa al-Zuhayli (1932-2015) was a Syrian professor and Islamic scholar specializing in Islamic law . He wrote extremely detailed works mostly about Islamic law and Jurisprudence. In tota ... Read More

This research paper primarily aims to describe the “Hujjiyat” (Validity and Authority) of Hadith Hasan Lighairihi (Hasan due to others).According to the reliability and memory of the Ravi’s (reporters ... Read More

Miracle or Mojza, is a principal element of discussion regarding Prophethood. Almost all major Prophets of Allah Almighty Came with miracles. Dalail ul Nabuwat Have been a permanent branch of sirah st ... Read More

In the history of this world, Islam is the only religion that has laid great stress on education .The first word of revelation was “ IQRA” means “read” which suggest the importance of human enlightenm ... Read More

One of the dimension of the teaching and grooming methodologies of the Prophet Peace be Upon Him was considering the special interests and tendencies of the companions and preparing, guiding, grooming ... Read More

The Qur'ān is the ultimate Divine guidance. For a better understanding of the Qur'ān, it is needful to consult with the interpretation of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). It is the reason that Mu ... Read More

The pursuit of education is the basic right of every man and woman equaly. Islam gave this examplary right to its believersfrom inception till completion. Because Islam eliminated the darkness of igno ... Read More

DNA means deoxyribonucleic acid, a self-made material is found in all living things as a main component of the chromosomes. It is the carrier of genetic information. It is a source to diagnose suspect ... Read More


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