In the contemporary era of conspiracy theories and practices through media prejudice, focused scholarship and policy oriented publication, Islam in general and Muslims in specific are being tinted as ... Read More

All ancient and contemporary religions of the world like Buddhism, Zoroastrianism, Judaism, Christianity, Jainism and Islam emphasizes and attempts to uphold the highest moral and ethical values in hu ... Read More

Children's Literature” is defined as material written and produced for the information or entertainment of children and young adults. In simple terms, children’s literature comprises texts (novels, sh ... Read More

This research paper basically discusses the issue of influence of English language on Arabic media language along with the factors that are part of this influence. In addition to that, it also throws ... Read More

This research article is a comparative study of arguments on Istishab from Ahli-eSunnah and Ahli-e-Tashyyo School of thoughts. Istishab means presumption of continuity. The word "Istishab" also means ... Read More

When we analyse the preaching of religion by the Holy Prophets (peace an blessing of Allah be upon them) in the background of history of mankind, we come to know that Allah Almighty offered at least a ... Read More

Islamic teachings insist on good moral values .Holy Prophet (PBUH) `s life was an excellent example of morality. He teaches his companions to adopt good moral values. Hazrart Ayesha (R.A) played an im ... Read More

The idea of less punishment is accepted internationally and very rapid implementation is observed as in various countries the strong punishment like death sentence is avoided. Likewise a slogan of "Lo ... Read More

Allah used to send Prophets to deliver his message and to provide guidance to the people in every field of life. Different Prophets brought divine religions with them and make people convince to that ... Read More

Islam has prescribed its orders either demanding some acts or avoiding from the prohibited acts. This research article is about the Islamic prohibitions regarding family matters. No doubt family is ... Read More

The Muslims of today are overwhelmed and subjugated all over the world due to the bad intensions of colonizers. They are now called the oppressed people in the world.Especially the Muslims of Palestin ... Read More

Force Conversion is adaptation of a different religion or irreligion under duress. Some who have been forced to convert may continue, covertly with the beliefs and practices originally held, while out ... Read More

Religion and marriage are two vital components of an individual’s life. Major world religions have guided human beings not only in theology but also in the matter related to marriage. Islam recognizes ... Read More

Man is a social animal and is unable to live isolated from other people and he also depends on other in most of his matters in his daily life. Give and take of buy and sale are the two aspects of huma ... Read More

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Islam is a complete code of life and provides the rights to every class of the human beings. Women rights is a kind of such basic rights which were not bothered in the world but Islam provided it to t ... Read More

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Regarding Nabuwat, our Holy Prophet (S.A.W.W) has attained excellence/perfection. His name is foremost (S.A.W.W) among all prophet hood is towards both the worlds. He will be brought before all prophe ... Read More

Allah has blessed the human beings with countless blessings, among these; the two most important are life and Quran. To be thankful for these blessings is compulsory, however, it is to be mentioned wi ... Read More


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