This paper aims to provide an insight into the efficacious use and development of Pakistani ports located along the ChinaPakistan Economic corridor. The main objective of this paper is to understand h ... Read More

In social sciences “compassion” is considered as an impactful attribute of employees’ satisfaction and wellbeing. People demonstrate compassion for others in socially interacting environments like an ... Read More

Want for a career in knowledge age is natural for any gender, so is for women of Pakistan. The long working hours and inflexible hard routines make it difficult for women to pursue both family and car ... Read More

This current research endeavors to study important factors having a significant impact on consumer’s choice of beverages in Punjab province of Pakistan. Beverages in two major categories of ‘hot’ and ... Read More

This study was aimed to investigate the dynamic role of social exchange relations and energy as an impetus for creative work involvement of IT professionals. One hundred and seventy five employees and ... Read More

Free and fair elections guarantee the continuation of successful democratic process. Electoral process conducted on period basis is acknowledged as locus of democracy. For a sustainable democracy, fre ... Read More

Job engagement is a motivational construct that refers to the willingness of employees to invest their physical, emotional and cognitive energies in their jobs in a holistic and simultaneous manner. R ... Read More

The notion of child labor has disquieted the researcher. This paper highlights the impact of poverty, unemployment and social progress on child labor based on data from 30 countries to ascertain that ... Read More

The human resource management field is known for its information and knowledge intensive nature, yet it could be easily suggested that the most dominant work has focused upon the human resource manage ... Read More

The key purpose of this study is to evaluate the total factor productivity of the textile sector by using DEA (Data Envelopment Analysis) and also identifying the components which play a significant r ... Read More

The present study concentrates on how organizational justice influences trust and performance of employees in an organization. Trust level of employees is affected by how employees perceive justice in ... Read More

For leaders to serve as effective change agents in the organization, significance of leaders’ intelligence cannot be overlooked. Current empirical study was carried out with an intention to investigat ... Read More


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