Human capital is professed as a critical factor and a special resource that can elevate the firm’s performance, generally, in most of the organizations, and specifically, in labor-intensive organizati ... Read More

The main aim of the study is to evaluate and compare the performance of public and private banks in Bangladesh. Performance measured in terms of bank’s profitability always remains the focal point of ... Read More

Current research study attempts to investigate the impact of transformational leadership on pro-environmental behaviors along with the mediation of intrinsic motivation. This model is tested on 150 pr ... Read More

The article explores the issues of academic excellence in higher education to pursue a position in world-class universities. Two universities in Pakistan have been chosen for the site of this qualitat ... Read More

Sustainable competitive advantage lies in the intellectual capital of firms, where it has become important to retain employees and train them for future leadership. Hence, firms must recognize the imp ... Read More

This research is aimed to investigate the effects of workplace diversity on organizational citizenship behavior with the mediating role of inclusion. Today the problems faced by the organization’s exe ... Read More

The main determination of the current study is to explore the antecedents of knowledge sharing. Hence; affective commitment is an antecedent that shows how knowledge can be shared among the knowledge ... Read More

The current study focus on performance politics regarding appraisal in order to analyze the performance of employees, to interpret job satisfaction, organizational commitment, and employee’s turnover ... Read More

The study is an attempt to unearth the current state of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) adoption and implementation in both manufacturing and service firms. Drawing on the conceptualization of mult ... Read More

This study aims to explore the management practices of Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) with regard to knowledge storage and knowledge accessibility. Data were gathered from public sector HEIs in ... Read More

At present, open innovation (OI) practices have gained traction in all industries, particularly in small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). However, only a few Malaysian SMEs practice OI and there i ... Read More

In recent years, the concept of organizational resilience has largely attracted the interest of academicians and practitioners alike. A fair number of researches have been conducted on developing the ... Read More


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