This research is aimed to investigate the effects of workplace diversity on organizational citizenship behavior with the mediating role of inclusion. Today the problems faced by the organization’s executives are to develop a culture that gives value to differences and enhances the efficiency of the entire workforce. Employees of the IT sector of Lahore are selected as respondents and the data is collected through an adapted questionnaire. The sample size is 368 and convenience sampling is used. Regression analysis is applied to evaluate the data through SPSS software. Findings show that workforce diversity decreases organizational citizenship behavior but this relationship can be modified by applying the mediating role of inclusion. Results will help out the decision-making authorities to understand how effective workplace diversity management influences the employee’s citizenship behaviors.

Contributing Authors, Kanza Tariq Khan, Shaista Jabeen. (2019) Investigating the Impact of Workplace Diversity on Organizational Citizenship Behavior: The Mediating Role of Inclusion, Journal of Management and Research, Vol 6, Issue 2.
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