In the business environment today job security is an important and primary requirement of the employees as the employees’ turnover rate is haphazardly increasing in different industrial sectors. This ... Read More

The purpose of this paper is to examine the impact of transformational leadership and corporate reputation on employer branding by testing a hypothesized model. This study employed a quantitative onli ... Read More

Managers and HR professionals are always concerned with the engagement of employees at the workplace. This study aims to explore the connection between employee engagement with job fit, psychological ... Read More

The purpose of current study is to assess the impact of top management commitment on firms’ performance, based on legitimacy theory with mediating role of environmental management accounting and envir ... Read More

The Tenure Track system was introduced in Pakistan in 2002 to improve higher education in the country by recruiting qualified faculty members in higher education institutions, particularly in public s ... Read More

Preferential treatment is detrimental. Keeping in view this important perspective, this study intends to capture the impact of preferential treatment via favoritism, nepotism, and cronyism on employee ... Read More

Globalization and digitization are motivating organizations around the world to manage and internationalize their products and services. Adaptively, most Asian companies are internationalizing their b ... Read More

This descriptive survey research investigated the influence of employee demography on bank workers’ team-playing behaviour. The population of this study is the entire bank workers in Ijebu Ode Southwe ... Read More

Effective Management Control sheds light on relatively misunderstood and neglected aspect of organizational effectiveness. It critically analyzes the process of controlling people’s behaviour in ... Read More

The sports goods manufacturing sector of Pakistan is comprised of 10,400 small and medium enterprises and annually contributes 6% to the country’s GDP. Despite its prominent role in promoting economic ... Read More


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