Managers and HR professionals are always concerned with the engagement of employees at the workplace. This study aims to explore the connection between employee engagement with job fit, psychological climate, leadership style, and affective commitment. A sample of 284 employees out of 365 participants was chosen from two pharmaceutical companies based in Karachi. SPSS was used to analyze the data and different statistical tools were applied. The results of the study showed that the independent variables i.e. job fit, psychological climate, leadership style, and affective commitment have a significant and positive influence on employee engagement. All the hypotheses were failed to reject. This study can help HR professionals in designing a strategy for retention and engagement. The results which are presented in this study can help organizations to identify the potential reasons for engagement which leads to high productivity and profitability.

Shiraz Ahmed, Junaid Ansari. (2020) What leads to Employee Engagement in Pharmaceutical Sector of Pakistan?, Journal of Management and Research, Vol 7, Issue 1.
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