In the business environment today job security is an important and primary requirement of the employees as the employees’ turnover rate is haphazardly increasing in different industrial sectors. This study determines the impact of leadership and organizational identification on the job security of teachers in the private institutions Punjab, Pakistan and the mediation of organizational identification is also tested. Data is analyzed by using Smart partial least squares structural equation modeling (Smart-PLS-SEM). Many teachers suffer from low job security that not only affect them internally but also affect their work performance. Therefore the main objective of our research is to determine the responsible factors which affect the job security of teachers working in the private educational institutions operationalized under BISE Punjab. In this paper, the parameters used for determining the job security of teachers are; Leadership, and organizational identification and mediating role of organizational identification between leadership and job security is also tested. During this study, 150 teachers from different private institutions operational in Punjab were asked to fill up the questionnaires containing a total of 32 items including different numbers of questions related to each determinant. The results showed that the determinants can explain the job security of the teachers up to a significant level. However, regression analysis and validity analysis proves that they are good predictors of job security of the employees (teachers). Beside these conclusions, this paper introduced other scientific queries and issues regarding the different types of relations or connections among the determinants and hence gives probable pathways to explain or interpret the relations.

Haider Ali, Fawad Hussain, Anyl Khan. (2020) The Mediating Role of Organizational Identification between Leadership and Job Security: A case of Teachers in Private institutions of Punjab-Pakistan, Journal of Management and Research, Vol 7, Issue 1.
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