The main determination of the current study is to explore the antecedents of knowledge sharing. Hence; affective commitment is an antecedent that shows how knowledge can be shared among the knowledge participants by using an employee’s emotional attachment and recognition with the organization. Similarly, the mediating role of trust was checked between employee’s knowledge sharing attitude and affective commitment. Data was collected from the hi-tech information technology (IT) industry from Pakistan with a sample of 143 as valid responses. Regression, correlation, factor loading, and path coefficients were used to check the reliability, validity, and model fit of the research framework. The findings suggested that employees’ recognition and emotional attachment with the organization are positively related to knowledge sharing. In addition, the mediating role of trust between affective commitment and knowledge sharing is significant and positive.

Contributing Authors, Maqsood Ahmad, Iram Mushtaq, Rana Muhammad Umar. (2019) Knowledge Sharing and Affective Commitment:Mediating Role of Trust Between Knowledge Sender and Receiver, Journal of Management and Research, Vol 6, Issue 2.
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