The life of Prophet Muhammad صلى الله عليه وسلم is the best example for Humanity. The success of humanity is in obedience of Hazrat Muhammad صلى الله عليه وسلم .He gave guidance for individual and collective life. He took ideal steps for the improvement of society and for the end of atrocities. In such steps one of them is the contract of Half ul Fudool. This historical agreement took place in 586 AD. In which they decided to support the oppressed and will not allow oppression. This agreement brought peace to the Arab society which was center of atrocities. Our society is suffering from various atrocities. The rich class people oppress the lower class. It is difficult for poor to get justice. The judiciary system is also in trouble. In these circumstances we must learn from the agreemen of Half ul Fudool. So that injustice can be eradicated from our society

Dr. Hafiz Muhammad Sani, Baksh-e-seed. (2020) بعثت نبوی سے قبل مکی سماج پر معاہدہ حلف الفضول کے اثرات اور اسکی عصری معنویت, AL-ILM Journal, Volume 4, Issue 2.
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