Islam recognizes the status and respect of other faiths and communities for socioeconomic and sociopolitical development . Therefore, the kind Messenger of Allah صلى الله عليه وسلمwas the first ever p ... Read More

Islam is the perfect religion from every aspect and for every time which provides guidelines for all situations of human life. Islamic political system is one of these aspects which is based on the pr ... Read More

Allah Almighty sent the Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) with the message of Islam to take the humankind out of darkness into the light guidance. Translation plays an effective role to disseminate the div ... Read More

يتلخص يف اتباع املهنج التطبيق التحلييل، فهو تطبيق ؛ لين ذكرت منوذجا واجملوس، والوثنيني، ومهنج حتلييل؛ بذكر الرواايت مف ّص العالقات ادلبلوماس ية؛ ويه مع الهيود، والنصارى، ةل، وأ راء العلامء القداىم منو ... Read More

The Holy Prophet a made several treaties to create a Peaceful state and good neighborly relations with neighboring tribes and Counteries of the Islamic State. He also held peace treaties, which are be ... Read More

Islam is universal Religion which not only clear with issues related to Muslims but also clarify the rules and regulations to have intinary with Non-Muslims. Islam emphasizes on primary/ basic rules a ... Read More

Ahmad bin zeni Dahlan was born in Mecca on 1231 AH.He was a great scholar of Tafseer, Hadith, Fiqh and Sirah .His book "السیرۃالنبویۃ "is a wonderful piece of writing on sirah of Holy Prophet (PBUH).T ... Read More

In order to protect consumer rights, the government has made regular legislation on national and provincial level. In which the rights of the consumers are clearly explained. These rules are contemp ... Read More

The History revealed the fact that merchants played a very prominent and vital role in spreading the religion of Islam. Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) remained one of the popular merchants of his time in the ... Read More

Ethics and economy positively correlate with each other. Islam has a strong relation with both economy and ethics. Mentioning him (SAW) as a great moral character, the Holy Quran refers towards the li ... Read More

Family is the only institution where the nations are built. Basic moral values are also taught by the family. Manners, ethics and moral values has great importance in islam. That’s why Hazrat Muhammad ... Read More

Islam provides a complete code of life and no doubt it is the religion of love and peace. The aim 0f its teaching is to unite the Muslim world specially and the whole human community in general. “Prop ... Read More

In this universe, the most important relationship among the humans is marriage, other relations exist on the basis of this relationship. In the Holy Quran , the relationship of spouses has been mentio ... Read More

Islam provides a complete code of life and no doubt it is the religion of love and peace. The aim 0f its teaching is to unite the Muslim world specially and the whole human community in general. “Prop ... Read More

This study critically examines the scientific, logical and civilizational aspects of the challenge of atheism and proposes how to combat this problem in the light of Islamic teachings. Twentieth centu ... Read More

Modern social activists through media present Islam’s view about women as an oppressed figure linked to her sexuality through so-called liberalism; her oppression is particularly symbolized by obsessi ... Read More

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Social website is a platform that allows people to create and share different ideas, information and pictures/videos. Social websites like Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter, Linked In, Youtube etc, allow us ... Read More

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اینپروزرمہزدنیگرپرظنڈاںیلوتوسحمسوہاگہکداینںیمب اضہطبزدنیگ زگار ے ےک ےی ا ےن ارد درد ر ےن واںو ے راہطب ئا م دانی ث انتکرضوریےہ۔ںیمہاینپاکتفیلدورسو وکایبنرکینوہیتںیہاورمغاوروخیشاکب رکب نیک ... مزید پڑھیں

Morality is the essence of humanity and is a basic need of every society for the development, prosperity, sincerity and brotherhood. Nobody can present good character without morality. Our beloved and ... Read More


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