Muslim minorities living in Non-Muslim countries face many problems in their societies as the Non-Muslims have their own traditions and life styles which are in some matters totally repugnant to Islamic norms and teachings. This research paper is an effort to provide the solution of such problems related to family matters in the light of Prophetic teachings. Main contents of this discussion will be marriage of Muslim male with Non-Muslim female and vice versa and its conditions, paper marriage, status of such marriage in case of apostacy of any party, inheritance in such mixed families, role of the parents of such families in their children life, right of guardianship and custody of the child etc. Custody and guardianship of Non-Muslim females, exchange of gifts in such societies and specially their participation in the religious festivals of the followers of other religions are the main points of discussed in this research paper

Samia Mujahid, Dr. Naseem Mehmood. (2020) مسلم اقلیات کے اہم عائلی مسا ئل اور انکا حل (تعلیمات بنویﷺ کے تناظر میں), AL-ILM Journal, Volume 4, Issue 2.
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