The life of Hazrat Muhammad (SAW) is a role model for all the muslims in the world. It has been described as Uswa-e- Hasna in Quran-e-Hakeem. In the age of science and technology Muslims are facing a lot of problems and issues in their social relations. Especially muslim minorities facing a lot of religious, social and economical issues in Non-Muslim Societies. These issues can be solved in the light of seerah. This articl is an applied study of fiqhul-seerah in this perspective. Common social issues and their solutions are discussed in the light of seerah.

Dr. Muhammad Arshad, Sidra Firdous. (2020) مسلم اقلیات کے سماجی معاملات (فقہ السیرہ کا اطلاقی مطالعہ), AL-ILM Journal, Volume 4, Issue 2.
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